An array of excellent sporting facilities which include cricket, volleyball, table tennis, basketball football, yoga, taekwondo and karate are ensured by the highest standards of professional trainers. More physical activities are ensured as a part of the academic programme. Every child gets an opportunity to participate in competitive athletics and co-scholastics. In fact, regular sessions are dedicated to sports, games and activities in the academic programme. The school has a fixed routine for the students in which every child gets to choose a game and master it. We produce Jack of all but master of One. Adventure activities are organized from time to time, both within and outside the school thus allowing the child to challenge and compete against his or her ownself.

MRPS believes “Healthy body breeds healthy mind” and show diligence for perfection in everything, including sports. Children need physical activities as much as they need high academic achievements to ensure synchronous physical, emotional, intellectual and academic growth.

We provide nearly all important sports activities for the students of different age group. We have first class coaches from all over INDIA, who are ready to help and train the students to be unbeatable leaders’ with sportsmanship. Sport facilities include Indoor as well as Outdoor games.

Beyond Academics