MRPS Clubs


Literary club is a platform for the young learners to enhance their literary skills. It is a club where learners develop their skills in reading and writing through various interesting activities like – Books and story Reviews. Riddles, Role-Plays etc. Learners gain confidence, language competency and imbibe moral values through various club activities.


Some important heritage buildings architectural works belonging to a particular age tells us a lot about the life of the people their thoughts advancement in technology,

These heritage buildings were patronized by a number of kings, princes, rich merchants and land owners during ancient period.

Students will visit any heritage place and they will give a brief account of or describe their visit.


Health & wellness club in schools favorably influence the habits attitudes and knowledge relating to an individual and community. This club helps us modify our behavior towards the attainment of optimum health.

Health and wellness club focuses on the overall will being comprising emotional social, mental and physical health of the children. It acts with the motto of promoting health and enabling children to grow and mature into healthy abuts.

“ Health is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of an individual.

Students remain in schools for almost 6-7 hours a day in schools; there bore school and can play a significant part in improve their health. The effect of poor health on educational attainment and the effect of poor education on health. Health affects school attendance and punctuality as well as ability to concentrate and to learn.


It is a place for language learners to use English, Hindi and Sanskrit in a casual selling. In this club students get a chance to practice many different skills in a setting that is more social in nature and finds an activity that makes people laugh which brings positive energy in everyone language club helps in improving English, Hindi and Sanskrit by playing different games, understanding grammar quizzes and learning new words This club enhances the confidence in public speaking by building up vocabulary and language accuracy.

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