Computer Education


Computer education in schools play important role in students career development. By computer education, we mean learning how the basic concepts related to a computer works, gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation, knowing about the basic components of a computer, how to use computers, How to understand, the benefits of using various application such as Microsoft word, excel, power point etc.

Computers not only help students to explore creativity and imagination but also help to understand technologies. Students are future leaders for any nation. Current school students are future doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs. So, for the education development it is really important to teach students in schools about computers, internet and its benefits.

Computer knowledge not only helpful in personal or professional life it also comes in every corner of your life.


Computers are an integral part of life and so is computer education! At least now let us understand the true need of computer education and support our children, youths to pursue computer education.

In this computer era, we depend on the computer to help us complete tasks, and to solve problems. Computers are used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, education, engineering, defense and transportation as they help to ease certain tasks, provide information faster, and speed up the work.

As computers are being used widely these days, gaining computer education is the need of time. One should be equipped with the basic knowledge of computers, its operations and applications. Both basic and practical knowledge completes the basic computer education.